This professional net chain is recommended for reliable use in snow removal, even under hardest conditions and for heavy equipment.

  • Chain mesh with D-shaped links, reinforced by stamped steel claws and welded wear bars for best grip and durability
  • The innovative connection system - DOUBLE-LINK - significantly increases the wear resistance of the chain and the driving comfort
  • Special hardening steel for maximum hardness and tensile strength
  • Completely hardened and galvanized net chain made of high quality, specially treated, case hardened steel. Available in D-shaped wire of 7 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm depending from vehicle and working field
  • Reliable and easy-handling closing hook with 100%-anti-accidental-opening-system
  • The internal side chain is adjustable for a perfect adaptation to the state of the tyre
  • After consumtion of the stamped steel claws and welded wear bars, the REX ATE is double side usable for longer life
  • Packed in sacks or box depending from weight

Fig. 4 – connection of pattern and lateral chain by welded rings, hardened
Fig. 3 – with welded wear bars and stamped steel claws
Fig. 2 – connection system - DOUBLE-LINK
Fig. 1 – easy-handling closing hook